Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?

Submitted for the record: The Obama Scan Index (OSI) hit an all time high of 23 today as he talked about the banks. This means that he could be either nervous or angry. I don’t think that anybody has told the President that Geithner oversaw AIG for years.

Re: Nobody here supervised AIG, uhh, except for, uh, my choice for Treasury Secretary, standing to my right.

In other news:

New World Order. Check.
NAFTA Superhighway. Check.
Gun Control. Check.
Igor Panarin. Check.
Universal Volunteers. Check.
Immigrants Taking Jobs. Check.
Birth Certificate. Check.
Ron Paul. Check.
Federal Reserve. Check.
Establish Neighborhood Watch in Coordination with Local Officials after Economic Collapse. Check.
Don’t Tread on Me flag. Check.

Guidelines obtained from Homeland Security? Because I express political opinions, and honor the principles of the Founding, I am an ‘Extremist’?


Monday, March 16, 2009

Think Globally, Act Locally

Brick Oven has been my evening therapy for going on two years now. I have gotten a lot out of writing these nightly posts. They allow me to organize my thoughts, compel me to research things which I would otherwise not research, and interact with a small, but very sharp group of people who correct me when I am wrong.

And if I ever do write that book, we have developed a pretty good chronology of the crooks who have brought us to this point.

I have recently been drawn to local interactions, loosely aligned with Glenn Beck’s initiative, and, for now, this is where my focus lies. I recommend for those who want to get involved. For $72/6 months, you can set up your own meeting group, and preach away. People sign up and listen, they even show up to your house I hear. So I am shifting away from my think globally phase to my act locally phase.

I will still sign back in to document what I think is worthy to record, but my nightly rants will be posted elsewhere. I truly am thankful to those who have chosen to contribute to the content of Brick Oven. Keep checking back periodically for the calling all cars post. If we get there, it will come.

I will not provide an electronic link to my new forum, because I want to leave Brick Oven up, and because of the current PC climate. If anyone wants to hear me blather away on a regular basis, you should be able to find me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twenty Year Olds

I came across two 20-year old males today. The family went to see one fly into town this afternoon. His plane was an hour late and we milled around with his family and probably seventy other people. As word that his plane landed came, we all formed two lines, and people raised their flags. I didn’t bring a flag, just a thank you note and a small gift.

Someone said, ‘there he is’, and there he was in dress uniform, at the top of the escalator. As he came down, the airport erupted with applause. He seemed taken aback and awkwardly clapped along. Then he was received by his family. His uniform was inspection ready, he had perfect posture, and he was a very powerful man. He was seriously injured and had spent the last nine months in the hospital.

As I gave him our letter, I noticed a very new tattoo on his neck, which seemed odd for such a clean-cut man. I do not know what this was for but suspect that it was a memorial. His eyes were blue and appeared dilated. He had the thousand yard stare, and told me thank you in a very professional voice.

The other one has adopted a feminine voice and is giggling with some girls behind me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Glenn Beck

I went to a Glenn Beck gathering tonight, and highly recommend being a part of the effort. There was a probably 1000 s.f. room set aside from the bar, and it filled up. They moved us into the concert hall next door. I met a contractor, a Marine, a retired Marine, and some other guys who I don’t know what they do. There was a cross-section of young and old.

There were probably 50% women, which surprised me. Many of them were attractive, which is a good sign for any political movement. I thought Glenn’s show was OK, but many there were very taken by it. I am now part of a large email group, which I am looking forward to working with, educating, and expanding.

Chuck Norris’ wife brought up walking on Washington, which was dumb. But I do think that Glenn’s strategy is very good. He wrapped himself in the military. The military’s code of honor is very similar to Glenn’s manifesto. The other thing Glenn accomplished tonight is that the government can no longer silence him, without a revolt.

Well done Glenn Beck.

Banned Again, Sigh

A blog that I enjoy had a new posting titled “The Dumbest Man In America Is Glenn Beck”. The link then mocked Glenn Beck for pointing out that people become disenfranchised when they are not allowed to speak freely because of the constraints of ‘Political Correctness’.

I also enjoy Glenn Beck and decided to defend him by posting this:

I submit for the record that I believe that equal amounts of evolutionary energy have gone into each and every person on this planet. But I believe that the environment in which people’s ancestors evolved helped shape their physical traits and cognitive abilities.

This is why kickers’ ancestors come from a part of the world where reflection helped (organized agriculture), while wide receivers’ ancestors come from a part of the world where speed and sensation helped (hunter-gatherer). This is my belief and it runs counter to the dogma of higher education.

Hilzoy banished me for saying ‘Monkey Butler’, but I really believe she banished me not because I said ‘Monkey Butler’, but because of my willingness to state my belief that the Almighty Creator did not Wave His Mighty Wand and Create All of Us with Identical Plastic Brains upon which Cultures Make Marks. This is the no-kidding higher education theory.

Fortunately, I am confident enough in myself and my belief systems to take the hits and not wig out. I just sit here watching the world go round and round. Glenn Beck can speak articulately without a teleprompter, so I think he is not the dumbest.

I will be granted posting priviledges again in a week, so I've got that going for me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Introducing the Obama Scan Index (OSI)

The OSI is introduced to help track of the mood of the President. As he does not appear to be voicing his own words, the OSI may be a valuable metric to determine if he is happy, angry, excited, or sad. Should any government agency deem this to be worthy of stimulus funding, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below.

The OSI is determined by counting the number of teleprompter shifts (‘teleshifts’), between teleprompters, by a speaker. The index is unitless, and determined by the number of teleshifts in one minute. The OSI shall not consider time expended during applause. This time can be disposed of as deemed appropriate by the analyst.

This is an OSI analysis of today’s talk at the Defense University

Minute 1:30 is not included as it is fractional: 11
1:31; 17
1:32; 14
1:33; 15
1:34; 16
1:35; 15
1:36; 13A*
1:37; 16
1:38; 20
1:39; 17
Minute 1:40 is not included as it is fractional: 12

* ‘A’ denotes applause

Analysis: Minute 1:36 is ignored as the length of the applause length is unknown. OSI averaged 16.25, with a standard deviation of:

((0.75 + 2.25 + 1.25 + 0.25 + 1.25 + 0.25 + 3.75 + 0.75)/8)^0.5 = 1.15

Observation: Obama appeared unemotional throughout the speech. He introduced a new term, the ‘Enlisted Civilian’, which was not explained, but could perhaps refer to his Universal Volunteer program.

He made reference to Lincoln embracing equality, and we have to call him on this, reference section 315 specifically and the document as a whole in general. We do not understand Obama’s obsession with Abraham Lincoln.

The White House

Hey, Tim, Uhhhhhh, I know, uh, I know you are, pretty busy, uh, with none of your sixteen, uhhhhhh, helpers in, uh, place, but, uh, I’m going to need you to , uh, be at Room 138 at 1, uhh, because there is good news. I, uh, have appointed you, uhhhh, to be on the, uh White House Council on Women and Girls. Congratulations.

The White House web-site is 3 weeks out of date.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gun Violence

12 Shot in Alabama

15 Shot in Germany

508 Shot in Chicago

Two of these three made the news. The victims of the one that did not make the news were all schoolchildren. One schoolchild each day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And Again

As president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Mr. Geithner was a key decision maker last September when the government let Lehman Brothers fail and then, two days later, bailed out the insurer American International Group for $85 billion.

Those decisions proved cataclysmic. The markets and the economy have yet to recover from Lehman’s failure.

- 15DEC08 NY Times

Oops. Sorry George. My Bad.

More Conspiracy Theory

Obama led in the polls all summer. Then, in mid-September McCain was surging and led the race for a solid week. Here is the Rasmussen data. The last day McCain held a lead was the 17th of September. From this point on Obama walked away with the election.

Let us look at what happened the week that McCain held the lead:

14SEP (McCain +3); Federal Reserve declines to bail out Lehman Brothers and they file for bankruptcy.

15 SEP (McCain +2); Stocks drop sharply.

15 SEP (McCain +2); Electronic run on the banks.

16SEP (McCain +1); AIG declares liquidity crisis.

17SEP (McCain +1); 18SEP (even); 19SEP (even); 20SEP (Obama +1); and it went from there.

This could all be a coincidence. Or it could be something else. The conspiracy theory side of me says that Philip Berg has a solid case, and that the President may be compromised. If this is the case, the Wall Street power structure would have had access to the Columbia Records that could sink the Presidency.

Did the Wall Street power structure use their influence to tank the economy, and get their bought and paid for man into the White House?

So we ask two questions:

(1) Who withdrew the $550 billion from the money markets on 15SEP? Was it a sovereign nation, an innocent bump in the system, or a group of individuals?

(2) Who is the TARP money flowing to and what is their relation to the answer to question 1, if any?

I do not know what to think of this theory, but would discount it out of hand if President Obama was willing to produce a physical birth certificate. I do note that Hillary is maintaining a very low profile these days. If they do have the goods on Obama, there will come a time when he is no longer useful.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Harvard Math

The bracket taxable income for those in the 35% bracket is $733.3 billion. Here is the government data.

4.6% of $733.3 billion is only $33 billion.

We just spent $400 billion on Fannie-Freddie in the first six weeks of the year that Orszag testified in writing would probably cost us nothing. Raising the top marginal rate to 39.6% does not address anything. Ten years of this tax increase would not fund what they just spent, even assuming no Galt effect. It is just more deception from the Obama Administration.

Obama does not speak without a teleprompter any more. Who is writing his words? What is their agenda?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Birth Certificate

Why I Suspect the Birth Certificate May Be Fake

1. Caucasian was to Europe as Negro was to Africa in Hawaii 1961. The father’s race was ‘African’ on the suspect birth certificate. The term ‘Negro’ was replaced with ‘Colored’ in the early 1960s, which then became ‘Black’ in the late 1960s. ‘African’ became a race in the 1980s. It would be good for someone to do a search of Hawaiian public records from the era to check into this.

2. The Serial Number is blacked out and the certificate states that any alteration renders the document invalid.

3. There is no name of a hospital.

4. The defense is that some Hawaiian official has observed a certificate and deemed it valid. But this official did not describe what he observed.

5. The ‘Fight the Smears’ website defense is that ‘this is not about that piece of paper’. But, yes it is about that sheet of paper, because it is a Constitutional requirement.

6. Why are the Columbia records sealed?

7. Philip Berg makes a strong case here; and most damning of all

If the President was really born in Hawaii, he could produce the certificate and put this all behind him for $38. One theory being floated is that Obama is setting a trap to ensnarl Republicans, and then make them look bad. If this is the case, it is childish.

Americans deserve to know if their President is compromised and he has a responsibility to come clean on this, either way. Is this why Robert Rubin’s team (CITIbank) has taken over the Treasury?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pizza Dough

Pizza dough can be stored in the refrigerator. At the franchise where I learned many things, they considered 3-day old dough to be optimum. This picture was my lunch, which was very good, with 4-day old dough. This pizza cost less than a small order of french fries at McDonalds.


ceramic apes like iced rodents

Judge James Robertson

Judge James Robertson is apparently the President of Southern Africa Legal Services. This is a $7,190,692.00 (2007) non-profit corporation that operates on taxpayer money. They spent $234,520.00 in 2007 while their income was $1,320,794.00 . Here is their IRS 501 C3 paperwork (pdf).

The United States government likely provides some funding for the Judge’s corporation, although we were not able to determine individual funding sources from the IRS documents. Much of their income was from investments.

Judge James Robertson is the Judge that just threw out Berg’s law suit challenging Obama’s birth certificate. We question if the Judge’s role as the President of Southern Africa Legal Services has biased him on the issue, as our President has promised increased levels of international aid, which his corporation would possibly benefit from. We would like to know the process by which Judge Robertson was selected for this particular case.

Here is the AP write-up, which could have come out of the Soviet Union, in my opinion. The press never announces where these law suits are filed, only when they are dismissed. The whole article is presented:

A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship, lambasting the case as a waste of the court's time and suggesting the plaintiff's attorney may have to compensate the president's lawyer.

In an argument popular on the Internet and taken seriously practically nowhere else, Obama's critics argue he is ineligible to be president because he is not a "natural-born citizen" as the Constitution requires.

In response last summer, Obama's campaign posted his Hawaiian birth certificate on its Web site. But the lawsuit argues it is a fake and that Obama was actually born in his father's homeland of Kenya, even though Hawaiian officials have said the document is authentic.

"This case, if it were allowed to proceed, would deserve mention in one of those books that seek to prove that the law is foolish or that America has too many lawyers with not enough to do," U.S. District Judge James Robertson said in his written opinion.

The lawsuit didn't even use Obama's legal name but called him "Barry Soetoro," the name he went by while attending elementary school in Indonesia. It's one of many that has been filed claiming Obama is ineligible to serve as president.

Robertson ordered plaintiff's attorney John Hemenway of Colorado Springs, Colo., to show why he hasn't violated court rules barring frivolous and harassing cases and shouldn't have to pay Obama's attorney, Bob Bauer, for his time arguing that the case should be thrown out.

If Obama was born in Hawaii, he would have presented a birth certificate and put this all behind him, in my opinion. It makes no sense to me that he would hide it from public review if his birth certificate was legitimate.

If the President is compromised, he would be subject to extreme levels of extortion. And as he is our Chief Executive, this means that we Citizens are possibly subject to extreme levels of extortion. The Judiciary should be ordering the President to produce a valid birth certificate. Instead the Judiciary, and the press, are sheltering him.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Am I Being Cased?

There is a police car parked outside my house, it sat there for an hour, and I approached the officers and asked if there was a problem in the neighborhood. There were three men in the car, two with uniforms, the third with a North Face jacket.

They tell me it is nothing. So I ask them why they are here. The driver laughs and says they are watching a house. Their car is parked in a location where my house would be the logical one they would be watching. I ask them are you watching my house? And they say no, if we were watching your house we wouldn’t tell you. We all laughed.

And then they left. And now there is another black sedan parked behind a snow bank.

For the paranoid record, let me again restate that this is a blog that I am using to track events, as I see and experience them, which I intend to use to write a future book, when this phase of human history settles itself out.

I mean to incite nothing. If there are any offensive or inciteful posts or posts that are judged to be in violation of any rule or law, as interpreted by anyone, let me know and I will withdraw, and or clarify, said post. If I have left an inappropriate comment elsewhere, please let me know and I will petition the other host to remove said comment.

I really hope those policemen are watching someone else’s house.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Trip to Sam's Club

As the family worked its way into the shopping cart, two soldiers in camouflage walked in, and smiled at the kids. This made me feel very good.

These guys were sharp. I believe that the unworkable rules of engagement, and the prosecutions of soldiers for doing what soldiers are trained to do, is an attempt to break the morale of the military, because the power structure sees the military as the biggest threat to their agenda.

These pressures have not affected these two. They were standing tall, in stride, and smiling. I had intended to have the oldest say ‘thank you’ to them, but these guys were in and out before we could maneuver our gang to the middle of the store.

I purchased some pizza ingredients and we had family pizza night. It was very good.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Politics, My Car, and March Global Warming

My first Presidential vote was for a Democrat, I attribute this to being very young and in college at the time. My second Presidential vote was for a Republican, I attribute this to being young and in the military at the time.

The branch of the military I was in was very rigid, and my reaction was to turn to music, and taking pride in my tie-dye tee shirt in the off-hours, bringing myself to the left.

Then I started my business, and found myself busting my butt, paying more dollars in taxes than Ted Kennedy did one year, bringing myself to the right. This cumulated with sending $25 to President Bush, and attending a stump speech.

Then, by 2007, I had become disillusioned, and built a brick oven, learned to grow potatoes, and joined some local groups. During the process I discovered that man, or at least me, is a political animal, and withdrawal is not a healthy option. This is when I started reading about the Founding.

Thus bringing myself to this point in my political travels, where I will align myself with Glenn Beck’s project. I will join a group and watch whatever he has to offer on Friday, March 13th.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Set PPI = $1.45

5 lb Part Skim Mozzarella: $8.52 (a)
102 oz tomatoes: $2.43 (b)
25 lb flour: $9.78 (c)
720 Slice of Pepperoni: $7.76 (d)

Enter the PPI equation:

PPI = $0.01 + (a)/10 + ((b)/24)(2) + (c)/50 + (d)/40; or

PPI = $0.01 + $0.85 + $0.20 + $0.20 + $0.19; thus

Set PPI = $1.45, down from $1.47.

Brick Oven attributes this drop to our merciful President, and not to people putting less cheese on their macaroni. We have pledged to start graphing the PPI vs. time, but do not know how to pull this off at of the time of this post. We predict that our President’s mercy will run out in approximately twelve months, and the PPI will begin to rise.