Friday, March 13, 2009

Banned Again, Sigh

A blog that I enjoy had a new posting titled “The Dumbest Man In America Is Glenn Beck”. The link then mocked Glenn Beck for pointing out that people become disenfranchised when they are not allowed to speak freely because of the constraints of ‘Political Correctness’.

I also enjoy Glenn Beck and decided to defend him by posting this:

I submit for the record that I believe that equal amounts of evolutionary energy have gone into each and every person on this planet. But I believe that the environment in which people’s ancestors evolved helped shape their physical traits and cognitive abilities.

This is why kickers’ ancestors come from a part of the world where reflection helped (organized agriculture), while wide receivers’ ancestors come from a part of the world where speed and sensation helped (hunter-gatherer). This is my belief and it runs counter to the dogma of higher education.

Hilzoy banished me for saying ‘Monkey Butler’, but I really believe she banished me not because I said ‘Monkey Butler’, but because of my willingness to state my belief that the Almighty Creator did not Wave His Mighty Wand and Create All of Us with Identical Plastic Brains upon which Cultures Make Marks. This is the no-kidding higher education theory.

Fortunately, I am confident enough in myself and my belief systems to take the hits and not wig out. I just sit here watching the world go round and round. Glenn Beck can speak articulately without a teleprompter, so I think he is not the dumbest.

I will be granted posting priviledges again in a week, so I've got that going for me.


Buck said...

See you back at Balloon-Juice on the 20th Bill.

Cats and Quilts said...

Why bother being readmitted to their club?

If it's Balloon Juice, it's only an echo chamber. Concentrate your efforts where you are actually heard and not simply knee-jerk responded to, and usually in a derisive fashion.

Just advice.