Monday, April 19, 2010


Silenced for this. Quote:

Global Warming Theory is simple.

1. There are increasing percentages of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere (0.028% and rising). This much is observable, and true.
2. These increasing percentages of Carbon Dioxide were the cause of the temperature rise we observed in the 1980s and 1990s. This much is speculation.

And some person came up with a hockey puck and a theory. Here is where the Mathematics become slightly more complex, but a reasonable person is not in need of a computer to comprehend them.

1. The observable rise in Carbon Dioxide levels is roughly a linear function, or a rate.
2. The theoretical rise in temperatures would be an acceleration, as rising levels of Carbon Dioxide would increasingly insulate the earth.

As temperatures peaked around ten years ago, and temperatures are trending down, Global Warming Theory has been shaken to its roots, if not completely disproven.

Do not forget that Generations Investment, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), was founded by Al Gore, in partnership with David Blood, Goldman Sachs.

Teabaggers are not easily led.


And now I may no longer contribute, not even about pizza. This is the modern Left.