Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?

Submitted for the record: The Obama Scan Index (OSI) hit an all time high of 23 today as he talked about the banks. This means that he could be either nervous or angry. I don’t think that anybody has told the President that Geithner oversaw AIG for years.

Re: Nobody here supervised AIG, uhh, except for, uh, my choice for Treasury Secretary, standing to my right.

In other news:

New World Order. Check.
NAFTA Superhighway. Check.
Gun Control. Check.
Igor Panarin. Check.
Universal Volunteers. Check.
Immigrants Taking Jobs. Check.
Birth Certificate. Check.
Ron Paul. Check.
Federal Reserve. Check.
Establish Neighborhood Watch in Coordination with Local Officials after Economic Collapse. Check.
Don’t Tread on Me flag. Check.

Guidelines obtained from Homeland Security? Because I express political opinions, and honor the principles of the Founding, I am an ‘Extremist’?



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