Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Conspiracy Theory

Obama led in the polls all summer. Then, in mid-September McCain was surging and led the race for a solid week. Here is the Rasmussen data. The last day McCain held a lead was the 17th of September. From this point on Obama walked away with the election.

Let us look at what happened the week that McCain held the lead:

14SEP (McCain +3); Federal Reserve declines to bail out Lehman Brothers and they file for bankruptcy.

15 SEP (McCain +2); Stocks drop sharply.

15 SEP (McCain +2); Electronic run on the banks.

16SEP (McCain +1); AIG declares liquidity crisis.

17SEP (McCain +1); 18SEP (even); 19SEP (even); 20SEP (Obama +1); and it went from there.

This could all be a coincidence. Or it could be something else. The conspiracy theory side of me says that Philip Berg has a solid case, and that the President may be compromised. If this is the case, the Wall Street power structure would have had access to the Columbia Records that could sink the Presidency.

Did the Wall Street power structure use their influence to tank the economy, and get their bought and paid for man into the White House?

So we ask two questions:

(1) Who withdrew the $550 billion from the money markets on 15SEP? Was it a sovereign nation, an innocent bump in the system, or a group of individuals?

(2) Who is the TARP money flowing to and what is their relation to the answer to question 1, if any?

I do not know what to think of this theory, but would discount it out of hand if President Obama was willing to produce a physical birth certificate. I do note that Hillary is maintaining a very low profile these days. If they do have the goods on Obama, there will come a time when he is no longer useful.


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Rivrdog said...

I wouldn't be so dismissive, Mr/Ms Anon. With the leverage in play last September, it would only have taken a hedge fund operator 14 million or so to swing that $550 million, or any other investor no more than $30 million.

That's chump change, and it could have been anyone.

Don't forget derivatives play, either. At that time, the oil futures speculators were getting their butts handed to them by the short-sellers. Going on the generally-acceptable theory that today's speculators always try to "lay off" their risk with a countervailing derivatives play, it's quite possible that the oil boys were also invested in puts on the dollar/yen ETF, or some instrument like that, and they recouped their losses by shorting the ForEx through those money index funds.

The point to be taken here, Anon, is that with the current lack of transparency in trading, and all the complex positions taken by investors with strong computer projection programs, anything is possible. A half-trillion move in the ForEx may raise some eyebrows, but if it stays within trading limits, no one would have given a fig at the time.

Don't forget that VIX was nearing record heights at that point, so huge trades were the order of the day.

Any explanation along these lines is possible, and will be hard to disprove, since the futures markets' actions are virtually untraceable