Friday, March 6, 2009

Am I Being Cased?

There is a police car parked outside my house, it sat there for an hour, and I approached the officers and asked if there was a problem in the neighborhood. There were three men in the car, two with uniforms, the third with a North Face jacket.

They tell me it is nothing. So I ask them why they are here. The driver laughs and says they are watching a house. Their car is parked in a location where my house would be the logical one they would be watching. I ask them are you watching my house? And they say no, if we were watching your house we wouldn’t tell you. We all laughed.

And then they left. And now there is another black sedan parked behind a snow bank.

For the paranoid record, let me again restate that this is a blog that I am using to track events, as I see and experience them, which I intend to use to write a future book, when this phase of human history settles itself out.

I mean to incite nothing. If there are any offensive or inciteful posts or posts that are judged to be in violation of any rule or law, as interpreted by anyone, let me know and I will withdraw, and or clarify, said post. If I have left an inappropriate comment elsewhere, please let me know and I will petition the other host to remove said comment.

I really hope those policemen are watching someone else’s house.

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DaveInMaine said...

Probably not.

Did you recognize the man in the North Face jacket?
Unless you're the one who stole his bike/punched him at a bar/whatever, then the surveillance was likely directed at someone else. In all likelihood he was some aggrieved party who was directing the police's attention towards one of your neighbors.

If you were under surveillance for your fine blogging activities, your watchers would certainly not be dressed as the local constabulary. If you have watchers, they're wearing a polo shirts and khakis and sitting at the Network Operation Center of your ISP.