Friday, October 30, 2009

Sorry Sheila

I take back the bad things I have said about Sheila Bair.

But after [Geithner] completed his testimony, significant parts of the plan were challenged by Sheila C. Bair, chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. She raised numerous objections about the structure of a proposed council of regulators, and said that it would fall short of its goal of protecting the system from the shock of a large failure.

“The oversight council described in the proposal currently lacks sufficient authority to effectively address systemic risks,” Ms. Bair said.

Returning to the above August post, Sheila was warning about certain unnamed investors shorting the market, this was right before the withdrawal of $500 billion from the money markets, and the general crash in September.

Hedge funds are not currently required to disclose their short positions, which should be made criminal, as concentrated wealth can destroy value, and make a profit. See George Soros.

Is Sheila on to these guys?

This is why it is usually good to have someone from Kansas around, even if she probably can’t cook well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Health Care Reform

USA Today: "I fear that reparations would be an excuse for some to say we've paid our debt and then avoid the much harder work."
-Barack Obama, 2004

Plato had four Understandings, here is #4: Mathematics is thought, and therefore is eternal, and can be known by all.

We understand that the median black working family earns 60% of the income of the median white working family.

We understand that there is a progressive tax system and 47% of working Americans pay no income tax.

We know that the government reports one hundred and eighty million Americans who are not workers, although they do not break this number down by race, in the manner that the government breaks unemployment rates and most other social statistics down by race. But we have seen images of New Orleans, and Detroit. The picture above was snapped of a new Somali immigrant in Maine.

Here is a picture of a Somali family sitting in a park on a Tuesday afternoon, there are lots of these families, wandering around, viewable by all:

Here, we observe a Somali going in for existing health care services at the fancy new government building, the nicest building in town:

Therefore, I conclude that the single payer health care plan is a racist scheme, devised by a man with a chip on his shoulder, whose family was never enslaved. Which kind of pisses me off personally, as my family never owned slaves, and all I am trying to do is earn a living.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do Not Make This Observation

After much thought, I believe that the typical gay person has elevated levels of testosterone. This would explain Hilter’s SA, the behavior of the Castro gangs, and the fact that the only group willing to stand up to Ahmedinejad at Columbia was the gay movement.

This is not an insult, just an observation. There is nothing wrong with elevated levels of testosterone.

But gays should stay away from the marriage issue. Just enjoy the physical release and the absence of the need to deal with a woman’s crap in order to achieve it.

Some friendly advice meant to maintain harmony in our communities.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Prediction

"If we get a Jew person, then what I'm wondering is, I mean, what is this movement for, you know? Does it have anything to do with the failed peace talks ... So I think we need to be very suspicious of any kind of partnerships between the Jews at that kind of level because we know that their interest primarily has to do with money and these kind of things."

-Lee Alcorn, Dallas NAACP President, on Joe Lieberman

“The Jew is using The Black as muscle against you.”

-The Illinois Nazis

Obama was told ‘no’ for the first time in his life in Copenhagen. His plan to revive the economy does not make sense. And the spending will continue to weaken the dollar, causing inflation and hardship.

It is clear to me that Obama is not his own man. But he nonetheless holds the office, and the power Constitutionally belongs to him. My prediction is that as things continue to deteriorate, the President will become increasingly agitated, exercise the power of the Office of the President as an independent man, and lash out against his Jewish advisors, Goldman Sachs, and Israel.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My New Song

mmm mmm mm, Brick Oven Bill
mmm mmm mm, Brick Oven Bill

The Founding Fathers got it right
Glenn Beck guides us back towards light.

Mmm mmm mm, Brick Oven Bill

Equal outcomes are not OK
equal smarts for equal pay.

Mmm mmm mm, Brick Oven Bill

Beer tastes best not from a can
he can bake great pizza man.

Mmm mmm mm, Brick Oven Bill

Nothing wrong with girls of girth
just prove to them his place of birth.

Mmm mmm mm, Brick Oven Bill

Mmm mmm mm, Brick Oven Bill

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On Patriarchal Governance

Here is Thomas Jefferson on the Native American model of governance:

“There is an error into which most of the speculators on government have fallen, and which the well-known state of society of our Indians ought, before now, to have corrected. In their hypothesis of the origin of government, they suppose it to have commenced in the patriarchal or monarchical form.”

Here is the Obama song by the Harvard-educated woman who also wrote the book ‘I Am Barack Obama’.

He said that all must lend a hand
To make this country strong again
Mmm mmm mm Barack Hussein Obama (repeat multiple times)

The key to understanding modern sociology is to consider the importance of metal to the evolution and development of men. As Thomas Jefferson explains in this remarkable letter, gunpowder knocked bodily strength from the top of the Natural Aristocracy of Men pyramid, replacing bodily strength with:

1. Virtue; and
2. Talents

Thousands of years before the advent of missile death by gunpowder, metals reduced to a lesser extent the importance of bodily strength in some, but not all societies.

The reason Native Americans hypothesized a patriarchal or monarchical form of government is because bodily strength remained #1 in the absence of metal or gunpowder. Jefferson seemingly did not consider this in his analysis.