Monday, March 16, 2009

Think Globally, Act Locally

Brick Oven has been my evening therapy for going on two years now. I have gotten a lot out of writing these nightly posts. They allow me to organize my thoughts, compel me to research things which I would otherwise not research, and interact with a small, but very sharp group of people who correct me when I am wrong.

And if I ever do write that book, we have developed a pretty good chronology of the crooks who have brought us to this point.

I have recently been drawn to local interactions, loosely aligned with Glenn Beck’s initiative, and, for now, this is where my focus lies. I recommend for those who want to get involved. For $72/6 months, you can set up your own meeting group, and preach away. People sign up and listen, they even show up to your house I hear. So I am shifting away from my think globally phase to my act locally phase.

I will still sign back in to document what I think is worthy to record, but my nightly rants will be posted elsewhere. I truly am thankful to those who have chosen to contribute to the content of Brick Oven. Keep checking back periodically for the calling all cars post. If we get there, it will come.

I will not provide an electronic link to my new forum, because I want to leave Brick Oven up, and because of the current PC climate. If anyone wants to hear me blather away on a regular basis, you should be able to find me.

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