Sunday, January 17, 2010

Banished Again

For this:

Here, Matt Stoller, reportedly a funder of Left-wing blogs, orders Kung Fu Quip . to ‘stay classy’. Where have we heard this phrase before? Matt also uses the word ‘teh’, which I have yet to figure out.

After getting punched, Matt seems to have gone to his dad:

"My family is freaked out and upset."

Matt went to Harvard.

It is not cool to shove a curling iron up anyone’s butt. But the curling iron comment came about because Coakley let a guy out on with zero bail, who did actually shove a curling iron up someone’s butt, in this case a twenty three month old girl.

So the curling iron may be more a matter of substance, than classiness.

John, you want no part of this guy Matt.