Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Politics, My Car, and March Global Warming

My first Presidential vote was for a Democrat, I attribute this to being very young and in college at the time. My second Presidential vote was for a Republican, I attribute this to being young and in the military at the time.

The branch of the military I was in was very rigid, and my reaction was to turn to music, and taking pride in my tie-dye tee shirt in the off-hours, bringing myself to the left.

Then I started my business, and found myself busting my butt, paying more dollars in taxes than Ted Kennedy did one year, bringing myself to the right. This cumulated with sending $25 to President Bush, and attending a stump speech.

Then, by 2007, I had become disillusioned, and built a brick oven, learned to grow potatoes, and joined some local groups. During the process I discovered that man, or at least me, is a political animal, and withdrawal is not a healthy option. This is when I started reading about the Founding.

Thus bringing myself to this point in my political travels, where I will align myself with Glenn Beck’s project. I will join a group and watch whatever he has to offer on Friday, March 13th.

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