Friday, March 13, 2009

Glenn Beck

I went to a Glenn Beck gathering tonight, and highly recommend being a part of the effort. There was a probably 1000 s.f. room set aside from the bar, and it filled up. They moved us into the concert hall next door. I met a contractor, a Marine, a retired Marine, and some other guys who I don’t know what they do. There was a cross-section of young and old.

There were probably 50% women, which surprised me. Many of them were attractive, which is a good sign for any political movement. I thought Glenn’s show was OK, but many there were very taken by it. I am now part of a large email group, which I am looking forward to working with, educating, and expanding.

Chuck Norris’ wife brought up walking on Washington, which was dumb. But I do think that Glenn’s strategy is very good. He wrapped himself in the military. The military’s code of honor is very similar to Glenn’s manifesto. The other thing Glenn accomplished tonight is that the government can no longer silence him, without a revolt.

Well done Glenn Beck.

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