Monday, September 21, 2009

Introducing the BOL Principle

The Brick Oven Law, AKA ‘BOL Principle’, is applicable to discussions involving publically-funded agencies, universities receiving government funds, Believing university graduates, or either of the two main political parties.

As a discussion on the subject of sociology or public policy progresses, should the sciences of biology or evolutionary theory be honestly introduced, the odds of the person introducing said sciences being banished from the discussion approaches inevitability, if within the power of the discussion moderator.

Copyright 2009.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Banished Again, Sigh

On the topic of racial friction and potential violence, brought up on a Progressive web-site, this comment was presented:

Race-based violence is not white in nature, although everybody likes to blame them for it. It is probably Reagan’s fault for granting amnesty in these people’s minds.

Gangs are essentially the units of force used to project power in non-metallic founded societies. In metal based societies, the units used to project force have historically been organized military units answering to accountable leaders. Race-based power projection is readily seen in inner cities for those with the strength to look.

If you look at government gang statistics, 48% of gangs are black, 43% are Hispanic, and 9% are either Asian or white, although the government does not break this number down between these two races.

My guess is the majority of this 9% is Asian, for an example see the movie Grand Torino. Whites typically only resort to gang behavior when confronted with other race-based gangs. Excellent examples of this are the California prison system and St. Louis school buses.

Attorney General Eric Holder has accused this country of being too cowardly to have an honest discussion on race. This cowardice is part of the Progressive Movement. There is nothing hateful or wrong in my comment. It is honest and accurate.