Friday, January 16, 2009

I Guess I Should Probably Say Something Nice About Air Force Pilots

That was an excellent job Mr. Sullenberger. The skill and poise you demonstrated when the SHTF saved the lives of 155 people. That was really, really good work.

So, with that out of the way, this next one is a no shitter, which means it is 100% true. So there was a Marine F/A-18B crew that had a similar problem and had to emergency land. The nearest airfield happened to be an air force base and the pilot took a bead on the runway.

As the plane approached, the hair on the back of the pilot’s neck began to stand up. All of these stories that he had heard about Air Force pilots were, in fact, false. And then the approach, and the crash landing. As the plane screeched to a halt just feet from the end of the runway, the NFO gasped; “These Air Force runways are really short……. but they sure are wide.”
And, with that said, it is nice to see all of the civil servants taking credit for saving lives on TV during the bi-lingual press conference, when the credit belongs to a skilled pilot and crew, and a private ferry company that did not hesitate. I note also that they do not show the pilot’s picture at the NY Times. I’ll post it when I can find one.

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