Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello, My Government Friends

Our fellow traveler Rivrdog has brought to our attention this. As a responsible Citizen, I have reviewed our content and performed an 18 US 2385 assessment, although this blog contains nothing other than delusional drunken rants, collected online for use in a future, fictional novel.

Anyway, the closest thing I could imagine could lead to perception of any advocacy of the desirability of overthrowing any branch of government is this. It is a comment about a recovery mechanism from anarchy, and returning this country to Constitutional rule, in the scenario of an economic ‘Strategic Shock’ as presented by the Army War College. It is one man’s opinion as to the best way for Uniformed Personnel to be true to their oaths in that scenario, and provides one potential answer to the author’s question.

I do not find that this advocates the overthrow of government, but, instead, is a logical continuity of government strategy. If you find that this, or anything elsewhere that does violate the standards, as you perceive them, or find any such items in the future, please inform me of the offending passages, and they will be removed in a very public fashion. In the absense of such notice, I will assume that this blog is in full compliance with 18 US 2385.

And I am very, very sorry for anything perceived as against the rules that I may have posted or perhaps will at some future time post in a different forum. In this case, please inform me, and I will petition the person who controls that message, also in a public manner. And if they refuse to take it down, you can go after them. Again, the absence of such notice shall be assumed to mean that we are acting in full compliance with the law.

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