Thursday, January 15, 2009

Using Lincoln

I reported to a black Marine Corps Captain during my education. As far as I can tell through hindsight, he is a better man than I am. I heard stories from Marines he served with in the field. This man, who was not particularly physically intimidating, was a leader, and I was fortunate to be influenced by him for two years. He had a wife, a daughter, and a son who he was fiercely loyal to. Any system of government that would not give this man a voice is not a system of government that I would support.

This puts me to the left of President Lincoln, another man who I respect. And just like I will defend the Captain, I will defend President Lincoln, whose image is being distorted and used by the incoming Administration, as well as President Bush. I will defend Lincoln and his ideas by comparing my theoretical system of government with Lincoln’s, as I understand it after studying the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Voter eligibility:

Me: Wage earners, paying a minimum $3,000/yr in federal taxes. Political empowerment should be tied to performance. This encourages productivity and a strong state.

Lincoln: All whites, no blacks as blacks are not biologically capable of being responsible voters. Blacks are not even to be Citizens.

Jury eligibility:

Same as voter eligibility.

Inter-racial marriage:

Me: Sexual libertarian, but tie welfare benefits to birth control.

Lincoln: No inter-racial sexual relations.


We agree: All humans deserve dignity.

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