Wednesday, November 19, 2008

George Washington-2008

Well I just learned that George Washington was a mediocre tactician, was outmatched by his British counterparts, married for convenience and greed, was lucky, lost more battles than he won, married for selfish reasons, was na├»ve, hit on his friend's wife (and was rejected), was greedy, tracked down runaway slaves, slaves, slaves(!), was ambitious, was a liar, smiled as he lied, is a man of myth, is ‘highly romanticized’, presented the British with misinformation (gasp), had his face embellished, blurred ethical lines, was a ‘flawed leader’ with a ‘false veneer’, owned slaves at age eleven, expected his slaves to work six days a week, sold slaves, would not negotiate with slaves, and enslaved children.

He was not as good looking as we have been told, not looking anything like the dollar bill. His teeth weren’t even made from wood, they were made from HUMANS.

In fairness, we were informed that George Washington freed his slaves upon his death. This was a decision he made to protect his legacy, you see.

Gotta love the National Geographic channel. Think about how great America would have been if we had only been led by a Community Organizer back in the day. Sigh. End the information I learned on the Truth About George Washington show. Begin old books, and stuff like that.

I’m still kind of impressed that George Washington defeated the British Empire with only 2,000 men to start. Each of these men only had enough powder to fire seven shots when General Washington rode into town.

Hell, I know a guy with more ammunition in secure undisclosed locations than George Washington’s entire army had in 1776.


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