Thursday, November 20, 2008

Peter Orszag

I don’t like conflict and try to suppress the expression of any ill-will I feel towards individuals. This has not been successful in the case of Peter Orszag , and I have previously called for his arrest. Here is one excerpt from the link:

"A costly rescue for Fannie and Freddie is just a worry, not a certainty at this point. Peter R. Orszag, director of the Congressional Budget Office, predicted in a letter to lawmakers Tuesday that there’s a better than even chance the government will not have to step in to prop up the companies by lending them money or buying stock."

Six weeks after giving this ‘independent watchdog’ assessment from the CBO, telling us that it would probably cost nothing, but may cost $25 billion, and helping get the bailout vote passed, Orszag advocated that the government take over Fannie-Freddie, transferring trillions in liability onto the US taxpayer.

Peter Orszag has been selected by Barack Obama to head the Office of Management and Budget. I am not very impressed with the Obama Administration so far. In my opinion, Orszag is probably accessory to the largest grand theft in history.

I also note another trend. I cannot think of a single white male that Barack has appointed that does not have fake hair, other than Emmanuel, who is pretty short. Is this a fear of male authority figures, rooted in his abandonment by two fathers? Holder too is goofy-looking. A female in charge of Homeland Security?

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