Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One observable behavior from the election that nobody is willing to touch is the fact that whites in white areas tended to vote for Obama while whites in mixed areas tended to vote against Obama. My theory is that people with experience living abound blacks are more aware of human biodiversity than those living in pasty-white Maine, or Iowa.

This does not speak well for the future of Multiculturalism. I believe that Multiculturalism will devolve into Balkanization, which will turn out poorly as our democracy bankrupts itself. Reduced to a mathematical equation, I predict that diversity, plus proximity, minus resources, equals conflict.

The map demonstrates that Balkanization is human nature. Blue Counties voted for Obama. I resent the people who are trying to shove conflict down our throats.

Here is Craigslist for Clarksdale Mississippi, a town randomly selected in ‘Cotton Country’. The median home price is $3,500. Nobody wants to live there.

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