Monday, September 8, 2008

Introducing SIGET Analysis

Football is a great sport as it gives each team the same amount of money and then they have to flat out compete. If a team wishes to win, there is no room for anything except excellence. Rush Limbaugh got criticized for saying things about the media’s wishes for a winning black quarterback.

I perceived this myself last season. This season we will test this theory with a sociology experiment we will call SIGET Analysis. SIGET is short for ‘Smart Intelligent Great Excellent Terrific’. Brick Oven will track the number of times these words are used to describe the two quarterbacks by the sportscasters. The references can be either to the quarterback or the quarterback’s performance.

I reserve the right to go back and forth to the refrigerator, but will try to do it at the time-outs. Data will be compiled and analyzed at the end of the season to determine if there is a bias among sportscasters.

SIGET Analysis for Week 1: Green Bay-Minnesota
Rogers (GB): Smart-1; Excellent-1; SIGET Score: 2
Jackson (MN): Terrific-1; Great-3; SIGET Score: 4
GB Wins 24-19
Notes: Game monitored from 3rd Quarter 12:00

SIGET Analysis for Week 1:Denver-Oakland
Cutler (Den): Great-2; Terrific-1; SIGET Score: 3
Russell (Oak): Smart-1; Great-1; SIGET Score: 2
Eddie Royal (Den): Smart-4 (for throwing the ball out of bounds on a flea flicker); SIGET Score: 4*
Den Winds 42-14

Notes: Game monitored from 1st Quarter 9:00; Russell is first-round draft pick in his second year of play and is embarrassing bad; began tracking use of the word ‘young’ mid 2nd quarter. The word ‘young’ was used 14 times after that.

* Royal’s SIGET Scoring will be applied to bias. His throwing the ball out-of-bounds will not be applied to scoring or game outcomes.

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