Monday, September 8, 2008

Ode to Elliot Grunewald

Several nights ago, I read a paper written by Elliot Grunewald of Stanford that is posted on the Internet. It is an intelligently written paper and I learned aspects of an issue that I am interested in. But I find many of his premises flawed and believe that his conclusions are dangerous.

I commented on the paper and called it ‘stupid’. I retract that word. Please attribute it to frustration associated with being in the permitting field, trying to make the world a better place, and having to negotiate roadblocks constantly placed by well-meaning but counterproductive people. One thing that burns me is when global warming proponents jet themselves around the world. I have removed my previous comments on his paper.

The answer is not name-calling. The answer is respectful challenge. So, to Elliot Grunewald, and his articulate supporters, here’s how I see the world. Peak oil is real and we have no replacement. We have no plan to create a replacement. The only ‘clean’ energy that I can think of that would meet our transportation needs is nuclear power creating hydrogen to power fuel cells, or nuclear power and electrified transportation corridors.

Until we face this, shale oil is the best alternative to the chaos that we will face when our society gets to the point where it cannot afford to feed itself.

If you see it differently, the floor is yours.

p.s. These guys are good. Brick Oven was #3 on the Elliot Grunewald Google search earlier today, I felt bad about it. Now it is invisible. So I'll put the picture back up.

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