Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Standing Room

I joined a sporting organization that is popular with policemen around eighteen months ago. Sometime the Feds join us for training. Eighteen months ago, the chairs were not full during membership meetings. Now there is no more standing room, and people hang out in the hall outside the room.

I think evolutionary forces have left a behavior trait that drives some men to organize in times of uncertainty. Similar to how game animals gather in the presence of a predator. The MSNBC prison series “Corocol’ is a good show if you get the chance. At Corocol, men of all races organize along racial lines for their common defense. Even the ones without prejudice.

Two separate groups are ‘northern Mexicans’ (European blood) and ‘southern Mexicans’ (Meso-American blood). The groups are recognized by prison staff and housed separately. Our illegal Mexican friends should learn to celebrate diversity and rally around the Mexican flag. I wonder if the prison staff is still required to attend diversity training.

When an inmate urinates in the common areas, two members of his own race guard his back. Tables in common areas are turf that is competed over. I found it interesting that the black prisoners had to sit on the grass. They were complaining to the TV crew.

It’s not a racial thing in my neck of the woods. If I were to speculate as to what it is, I would say the threat would be danger from economic uncertainty in the absence of a responsible government. I have a lot of confidence in the people who gather in that room.

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