Thursday, June 26, 2008

Key & Kite

Lightening is the process by which little tiny electrons equalize themselves between storm clouds and the earth. An electron consists only of 0.0006 atomic mass units and has the relatively small atomic charge of minus one. Electrons are nothing.

All things come to equilibrium though.

Our economy and the political systems built upon it are not at equilibrium. The importation of 3rd world workers for cheap labor relies on the public funding of their carrying costs. A logical 3rd world father would bring his family to America because wages are $3/day in the 3rd world and over twenty times that in America.

But as our country is now broke, that public funding will evaporate. This will affect indigenous Americas as well as the new arrivals. I believe that there has already been a run on the banking system, evidenced by a missing $170 trillion, and that it is later in our little experiment than people realize. The geophysical limits of oil will likely be the last straw.

I believe that we may be witnessing an engineered breakdown of our society. It is time to be prepared for the new equilibrium. Preparedness includes food security, physical security, and financial security. Those making the big bets are counting on widespread dependency among Americans. I believe that they are making a bad bet. Storms can be magnificent.

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George said...

An End Times warning couched in economic terms: beautiful, just beautiful.