Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meet Madonna Constantine

Madonna was a Professor at Columbia University. Her scholarly interests include mental health issues of people of color in the United States and immigrants. She is the, ahem, author of a number of excellent papers including:

- Racial Microaggressions against African American Clients in Cross-Racial Counseling Relationships.

- Experiences and perceptions of multicultural counselling (sic) scholars: A qualitative examination.

- Examining the cultural adjustment experiences of African international college students: A qualitative analysis.

Madonna was the one found guilty of putting a noose on her own door and then blaming whitey. She was allowed to continue on with her academic career after that. More recently, she was found guilty of plagarism. She remained on the payroll for five months and is now finally gone. Severance details are not readily available.

It costs $46,095 for a student to attend Columbia University for one year.

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