Thursday, June 26, 2008


I feel better today about the future of the country than I have in a while. Scalia’s wording will give grounds to call illegitimate any future court that looks to overturn what happened today. Today was a good day for America.

A quick anecdote. Not all that long ago my roommates were gone for Marine Corps summer training. I woke up to noise in the adjacent room. I tried to wish away the noise in my semi-conscious state but it didn’t go away. At that point my mind entered tunnel vision and things began to move extraordinarily slowly.

There was a Winchester level action rifle by my bed. It is hard to describe how focused you become when making a fight or flight decision. My mind decided to call out my roommates’ name in a loud military voice, grab the rifle, and chamber a round in a loud manner to scare the intruder, if he was an intruder, or save face, if it was my roommate. I ran through the scenario probably three times in twenty seconds. Looking back at it the human mind is amazing.

And I acted. It turned out to be an intruder. He ran through the living room and jumped off the second story. The thing that I remember is how my hands were shaking after the encounter when I was talking with the police. I later learned that that was an effect of adrenaline.

In retrospect, what I did was risky because I was not proficient with the rifle I shouldered (it was my roommate’s). But it did engrain within me the importance of firearms. You never know when that time will come.

Well done Justice Scalia. Thank you.

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