Monday, July 2, 2007

Friday Night

Praise for the Brick Oven:

"Thanks for the get-together on Friday. It was nice to see you all and the boys had fun. The pizza was fantastic. Now, here’s the thing. Just about anybody would say that it was good, even it if was a pile of dough with a tomato on top, just to be polite. I really mean it was great."

Basking in the glow.

Conduction is an OK way to cook pizza, it’s the method used when you throw a pizza in the oven. Everything gets heated up.

Convection is a better way to cook pizza if you’re in business because by moving the heated air across the pizza, thermal gradients are reduced and things cook quicker, making you more money.

But the best way to cook pizza is the old-world way. Radiation and convection to create a crisp outside and a moist inside. The energy bill to do this with electricity would price a business out of the market. But you can do it with trees from your own back yard in a brick oven.

Pez is not responsible if the wife takes away your chainsaw in a rage.

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