Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Solution for Student Loan Defaults

The answer to high rates of student loan defaults is to cure lactose intolerance. One can easily correlate lactose intolerance with inability to pay back student loans.

Think of the alienation that lactose intolerant students feel when, after drinking their carton of milk at lunch, their lactase-starved bodies convert lactose into flatulence, instead of afternoon energy.

Brick Oven declares itself the world’s authority on the study of lactose intolerance as it relates to poor performance in school, and later the workplace. As a center of excellence in this field, we offer our services to the Obama Administration. We would like one of those 95% government guaranteed Small Business Administration loans. One million dollars should do it.

As Brick Oven is a lactose-tolerant organization, the odds of payback are excellent.

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