Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If I Can, Make It There, I’ll Make It, Anywhere

Half Sigma and Roissy write very good blogs from Manhattan and Washington DC. My first job was in Washington DC and I was very excited about it. I met my two roommates from Ohio at our apartment to be, and we decided to drive around to see our new city.

We all hopped in the used Ford Ranger and were off. Then the tank was almost empty and we needed to get gas, but we could tell we were in a bad area. We were getting worried, and finally saw a policeman at a gas station, and decided this was the place to gas up.

The policeman was standing over a corpse with fluids coming out of its head.

I kind of made the decision there that I was fine with the rural lifestyle. Half Sigma and Roissy write in their links above that they too are thinking about moving. I believe that this will be a trend among taxable urban individuals.

Sell: Urban real estate. Buy: Farmland.


Half Sigma said...

I don't know if Roissy would get much sex from Christian women in South Dakota.

And he thinks DC women are too fat, but they come in much larger sizes in flyover country.

roissy said...

i'd move to portland but i think their insufferable SWPL attitude would grate on me.

hs, i've been to flyover country and yeah, they're really fat. WV was a veritable hog farm. dc women aren't too bad in that regard. there's too much competition in the big coastal cities for girls to avoid exercise and healthy eating.

Bill said...

I’m honored by the comments. There is a sub-set of very fine women in South Dakota, by the way.

Northern New England has some nice attributes, as well. Not all of us are crazy.