Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I believe that, on balance, the Jewish presence is a strong net positive for America. The media over-representation bothers me, and I think may become an issue if the fairness doctrine push is made during bad economic times. But the contributions of Hyman Rickover, Albert Einstein, and dozens of American Jews I have worked alongside have been very positive for the country.

I have a theory on some in Israel, and the ACLU-types. Most Gentile Europeans’ ancestors made their living in an agricultural setting. These Europeans’ bodies contain the lactase necessary to process dairy energy. Their livelihoods were tied directly to the land they stood upon, and evolved to have an innate sense to protect their ‘homeland’.

Lactose intolerance is far more prevalent in Jews. This, I suspect, is due to a more urban existence of their ancestors. These people’s livelihoods were dependent upon banking and other professional skills, which were transferrable. So there is less of an innate sense to defend a piece of property.

I suspect this is why Tzipi Livni is willing to surrender additional Israeli territory. This woman is delusional and does not understand the texts of Islam. The Bible says that two thirds of the Jews of Jerusalem will be killed, and then the last third will rise up and defeat all of Israel’s enemies. It also talks about female leadership. This could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, in the case that it is not divine.

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