Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Am Not a Coward

I agree that we should have an honest discussion on race. I have the perspective of a man who has worked in both the US and a country in Central America. In Central America, human biodiversity is openly acknowledged, and people seem to get along together much better than they do in the US.

In the US, the current political premise seems to be that Jefferson meant that all men were created biologically equal. This is not what Jefferson meant. Jefferson was talking about positions of royalty. In his other writings, Jefferson was very clear about human biodiversity.

In my opinion, equal amounts of evolutionary energy has been invested in all of us. But this energy was applied in different environments, leading to different biological outcomes. In my opinion, NFL kickers are from Europe because kicking requires reflection, a trait associated with civil society. NFL wide receivers are from Africa because running and catching are traits associated with hunting and gathering.

The environment in the US is currently one of organizations and machines. This gives and advantage those whose ancestors evolved in Europe and Asia. The New York GDP numbers seem to be representative of the numbers across the nation. Black GDP per capita income is $31,364, while whites earn $48,186.

This is not due to ‘hate’, it is due to biology, in my opinion. I also suspect that the reason Eric Holder is so obsessed with race, is that he has a self-awareness issue about his own mixed-race heritage.

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