Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stuff White People Like

SWPL #7: Diversity

"White people love ethnic diversity, but only as it relates to restaurants.

Many white people from cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York will spend hours talking about how great it is that they can get Sushi and Tacos on the same street. But then they send their kids to private school with other rich white kids, and live in neighborhoods like Santa Monica or Pacific Palisades."

Of course, ‘White People’ refers to college graduates with liberal arts degrees. As an engineer, I am not a white person. This is why we had chicken, rice, and spinach last night. It was very good.

The left is splitting. White People, working class whites, and non-Asian minorities have been traditional Democrat voters. But working class whites and non-Asian minorities are competing for the same resource, which is a limited number of blue-collar jobs. The power structure encourages this, as it lowers the cost of labor and increases their rate of return on investment.

Slower working class whites went along with the plan as they figured that we lived in a functioning democracy, and if there were more workers, then they would have more political power, and get a fairer shake. In practice the opposite is true. Real wages are dropping because the labor supply is growing.

This, and the fact that working class whites cannot move to Santa Monica or Pacific Palisades, are giving way to racial awareness. This is happening fastest in the places that have historically been the most ‘tolerant’, as these areas contain the highest percentage of non-Asian minorities, and are living with the effects.

The New York Times has an article about the Netherlands. The Times’ editors allowed this story because they are beginning to understand Islam. But the nature of the movement is rooted in economics, not religion. Religion serves only as a herding mechanism for human DNA. Read the comments that passed the filter.

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