Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eight Viewpoints

This is an interesting series of thoughts from Fortune magazine. But the interviewees are not allowed to speak freely, as Fortune magazine is a polite and proper forum. Credit to Rogers though, he is the exception in other forums. Things are worse than these eight people let on to for two reasons:

1. Americans in 1930 were largely independent, and federal spending on social programs was zero back then. Federal social spending today is nearly 70% of the budget and growing uncontrollably and unsustainably.
2. Americans are rapidly becoming dumber, both in terms of education quality and IQ.

The solution is, if the system fails, to re-adopt the 1789 Constitution. Voting eligibility should be tied to domestic real estate equity, say $10,000; or federal income tax paid, say $3,000 in an election year. These voter criteria would spread political power widely, but limit it to stakeholders. This is the most effective defense against tyranny.

Granting political power to welfare recipients, and Plato’s spendthrifts, is suicidal for a system of honest representative government. See Chicago.

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