Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My first job was as a courier in the City of Chicago. It was fun and I got to deliver packages to Mayor Washington’s office. That impressed me at the time. We hired an ‘underprivileged’ co-worker as a part of some City program who turned out to have a nicer car than the boss, and ended up being a drug dealer.

Now I recognize that the Chicago power structure exists because of the nature of the electorate. Chicago resembles Central America-light. The reason the Chicago Police Department does not pursue local corruption is because the honest officers are not allowed to do so.

Chicago was 42% White, 34% Black, and 24% Hispanic in the year 2000 census. Yielding an electoral IQ of (0.42)(100) + (0.34)(85) + (0.24)(88) = 92.* The electoral IQ in 1789 was probably one-half of one standard deviation above the average of the population, or around 110.

A functioning democracy requires an intelligent, engaged electorate.

* data normalized to 100%.

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