Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Central America

I am convinced that the Central American political model is the goal of our current political class. In this model, the masses elect one of two interchangeable parties, the leaders of which then cut a deal with the oligarchs. There is no middle class to speak of and the rich pay no income taxes, there is instead a national sales tax.

This is why I support limiting voting rights as our Founders did. Life isn’t fair, but things are more fair if 25% of the population call the shots, instead of four men. Wages in Central America are $3/day, rising to $9/day in Belize. That would be a change.

I believe that Belize is better off than its neighbors because of the impression of stability provided by access to the English legal system. The Queen is the official head of state. That and the fact that Belize is an oil exporting nation.

I was able to see some of the first light sweet crude to come out of Spanish Lookout (good story) a few years ago and have boozed it up with the oil execs’ private pilots. From what I hear there is a lot of oil down there. Farmers I know mix the stuff coming out of the ground directly into their diesel tanks.

As Americans continue to overeat and assume that a bankrupt government will take care of their futures, there is a greater sense of realism down there. There is what I believe (hope) to be a critical mass of investment that will maintain stability when the SHTF. Nobody expects anything from the Belizean government.

My loyalties will remain with the US and its Constitution, but note some real estate deals elsewhere. I’d recommend Placencia Peninsula if you are a water type and Stann Creek District if you are an agricultural-acreage type.

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