Tuesday, December 2, 2008

$4.5 Trillion

$4.5 trillion, the amount of these financial shakedowns, is a lot of money. A new Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, built in the US, costs $4.5 billion. India is not burdened by the EEOC and other layers of stupid rules, and can build an aircraft carrier for under a billion US dollars.

So these little games our elected leadership, our banking buddies, and our unelected Federal Reserve are playing have spent the amount of money equivalent to one thousand new Nimitz-class nuclear powered aircraft carriers, or five thousand very capable Indian aircraft carriers.

Not a big deal. In ten years, air superiority will be provided by unmanned drones, which are a fraction of the cost and be able to outperform manned aircraft. A man can only pull around 9gs. The only reason we are building new manned aircraft designs is because of the lobby of pilots.

The guys above cannot attract nearly the tail that Maverick and Goose did. But they will be able to control 15-20gs on a small, efficient platform. And we could probably buy one hundred billion UAVs for the price of this government fraud.

What do prison ships go for these days?

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