Friday, November 28, 2008

Where Credit Is Due

I despise what the attackers in India did. The goals and visions of their leaders are evil. They shot beautiful girls. But look at what they accomplished.

Forty men* with perhaps $50,000 worth of weapons and ammunition have been holding off the Infidel state of India and holding on to constant media attention for three days, and counting. They have achieved their goal of driving a wedge between Pakistan and India, furthering their goal of an all-out religious war.

Eleven targets means only 3 or 4 gunmen per target. There has been millions of dollars of property damage and will be billions (trillions?) in lost investment and tourism. The timing was perfect; after the US election and right before Indian tourism season.

This has been a complete success for fundamentalist Islam. Which means that tonight, they are analyzing probably five more targets, likely with some coordinated vision, and deserve our grudging respect along with our disgust.

One more reason to be proficient and carry that pistol around.

Update: It was ten men.

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