Monday, November 24, 2008


I used to think England was ten years ahead of America in our little experiment with universal suffrage. I don’t believe that anymore, as there is no way that the American political system in its current form can make it another ten years. I’ll be surprised if we make it through the next four years without a bankruptcy and the failure of the social safety net.

But England is still in the lead. The line over at Drudge is that the top English tax rate is now 61%, vs. our 36%, and that is one reason. England is exporting brainpower and their tax base like China is exporting children’s toys.

I’ve drank beer with Royal Marines that explained that military service was a good way to find a new place to move to. But there are other reasons:

1. Our Latin American immigrants, while probably incompatible with our current form of government in the long run, are generally good and hard-working people. Immigrants arriving in England are much more prone to Balkanization than the majority of American immigrants. The current form of English government cannot bring itself to address the texts of the Qur’an.

2. America is energy independent, once we choose to realize it. England is dependent on Russia for energy, a country that knows how to play chess. It is in Russia’s interest to engineer an international crisis to get those gas prices back up. They are good at that. Europe will be on the losing end of that chess game.

3. The ruling class in England is snooty. I can’t figure out if they are using Islam as a tool to reclaim power; if that is the plan it is a bad one. When the money runs out, I predict that the vehicle will be the BNP or some similar organization. While our reset position is the US Constitution-1789; England’s is a monarchy.

4. That English couple I met on the Amtrak.

In any case, our little experiment has spread, and seems to be drawing to a close. If you want to live in interesting times, congratulations. I was never a Boy Scout, but I did make Webelo. I hope I’m prepared.

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