Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Decline and Breakup of the US?

No. The government may fail, but the military will keep the country unified after the collapse. I have lived in the Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, Mountain West, and Midwest. The US is unified by a strong core of people who understand the Constitution, and the concepts that were laid out in the Federalist Papers.

These people are found in all parts of the Country. There are probably 30-50 million of them, and they are armed to the teeth, greatly expanding their political power in the case of a government collapse. The mindset of the military’s officer corps largely mirrors the mindset of this segment of the population.

There could be secessions in the run up to government failure, and Panarin is correct to point to Texas. I’d also keep an eye on the food and energy independent Montana-Idaho-Wyoming-Dakotas region. Just try to take away those people’s guns. Panarin shows his level of knowledge by indicating that the Indians will take over.* I have worked on the Reservation and speak with some authority on this subject.

But, in the end, these 50 States will remain united, and stronger than ever. We have the Constitution, the first Ten Amendments, and the Founding Fathers as a reset position.

* Clarification: They won't.

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