Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Are Evicted

The government is now our biggest landlord. In the 1960s, Mifflin Street seceded from the Union. Madison landlords hired the Hells Angels and the rent checks started coming in again. Self-discovery types did not match up well against the Hells Angels.

The federal government cannot hire the Hells Angels to evict tenants, the Hells Angels do not have a work order number. Blackwater does. The electorate will not tolerate Blackwater, or the army, evicting voters.

Housing values are about to plunge.


George said...

I have a better idea. Obama is about to be elected, and when he is, he will surrender to the islamofascists and bring all the troops home. I suggest that upon discharge, each of those soldiers, sailors and airmen be offered a Federally-Owned home to live in, at whatever the Basic Allowance for Quarters (housing pay) amount that their grade and cost-area allows. They will have to agree to live in it for 5 years, and keep it up, but after five years of paying their BAQ (or that amount if they muster out) to the Feds, they get title to the house and can put it on the market if they choose.

A veteran's assistance AND Homesteading program that will remove a half-million residences from the foreclosure market.

Bill said...

Great idea George; I hope you don’t mind me adopting it (with attribution, of course). People in a small town I am familiar with are walking away from their homes at the rate of one family per day. Over-supply of housing meet steady stream of worthy young families.