Friday, October 10, 2008

The Stock Market and National Health

There is talk of the drop in the stock market, and some associate that number with the status of the health of the Nation. While there is some correlation, it is not a close correlation.

The stock market represents the perceived value of a group of corporations. These corporations, once American entities, have evolved to become extra-national entities. The reason for this is because the job of the leader of a corporation is to maximize the rate of return to shareholders. So the corporate legal entities are set up in places with low taxes, and the corporate labor centers are set up in places with low wages.

National health is the ability of a country to feed itself, defend itself, and project and expand its belief systems and population. There are powerful forces, well-meaning and otherwise, internal and external, that are working to weaken the national health of America-2008. In many ways they have succeeded. Evidence of this is seen in the financial markets and at the shopping mall.

But the path that these forces have used is an unsustainable one, because it consumes more wealth than it generates. Because corporations are able to shelter themselves from idealistic and well-meaning, but socially and economically-flawed laws, corporations are much healthier than our nation. Which is a mouthful.

One aspect of our nation’s health is the observable financial one. Despite all of the inflation data manipulation, and the engineered currencies, it can be observed that we are broke. Our government, in its current form, will not be able to change this. It will, in all likelihood, accelerate the fall.

And when it falls, Americans will start over and return to national health. We will succeed because we have a surplus of farm land, 400+ years of liquid fuel in the form of oil shale, lots and lots of widely-held military hardware, and the American spirit, embodied in the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, and the first ten Amendments, for all to see.

A fascinating time to be alive. The Founder’s concept of freedom will continue for those with the awareness to appreciate it, and the character to defend it.

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