Monday, September 29, 2008

One Liberal's Legacy


His original independent label Charisma records had become absorbed into a major, and his success had attracted some "advisors" who were more than ready to relieve Julian of his income: "Control over your career is so important. How can you express yourself when other people are trying to do it for you?"

So Lennon quit. He spent the next few years living the life he had previously been denied during his punishing schedule. Relaxing in his lakeside house in Northern Italy.Cooking, Photography, Sailing, Travelling. Accumulating antiques, rifling through flea markets. Anything that didn't involve the dreaded 'm'-word.

During this time Julian even considered other career options: "I needed to think about a life outside the industry. I've always been interested in architecture, interior design, photography and cooking, but in the end I started playing again because of my love of music - and I didn't want to walk away from it all with the last four albums as My legacy!"

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