Monday, September 29, 2008

Interesting Times

But wait, we are a consumer economy.

It is simply unknowable how things will play out. But it can be stated that, in the absence of an outside threat, the American economy cannot keep itself afloat without outside sources of funding. So the spark may be an external change such as China or the Middle East dumping the dollar. Perhaps it will be the collapse of a Hispanic economy and a flood of refugees. Or maybe the American welfare state will simply run its course, causing the government to lose the ability to borrow money and collapsing the currency.

What happens then? It depends where you live. As agriculture is inherently stable, generating a tangible product, agricultural communities will be OK. The Grapes of Wrath is evidence that Anglos are, in fact, capable of helping on farms.

Cities are inherently unstable, more so with the advent of multiculturalism. The introduction of hunger to cities will set off a wave of ethnically-charged violence, similar to prison society but without the guards.

Cities are surrounded by suburbs, populated by productive Citizens with the resources and discipline to defend themselves. In a societal break-down, expect suburban communities to institute martial law and erect barriers to prevent the movement of looters from the cities into their neighborhoods. This will effectively contain and inflame urban chaos. Urban populations allowed to pass through the suburbs to the exurbs and country would not be well received.

And the system will come to equilibrium once again. People will die and lose their freedoms, just as has been done countless times before.

And then the American outlook brightens. Stripped of political baggage and having something called a new instinct for SURVIVAL running through our veins, whatever form our leadership will take will have options.

America is blessed to have four key resources:

1. 400 years of liquid energy in the form of oil shale.
2. Excess farmland.
3. Military hardware.
4. Millions and millions of good old Americans.

That’s all we need. It really doesn’t matter whether or not we pass this terrible bailout plan. All paths lead to the same place.

This is a fictional blog.