Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bill Had a Nice Day

Today I’ve been a geographic bachelor and decided to go to the range and celebrate the Bill of Rights. One guy there had a 50-caliber rifle. They are very loud. I interacted with several people and really enjoyed it.

Then to Panera, catching up on the state of the world. I believe that exercising the 2nd Amendment is good for a person’s character. The men at Panera do not seem as confident as the one’s I spoke with earlier. I think that the effect of exposure to firearms is part of Sarah Palin’s appeal.

I’ve got a Springfield 1911. I wanted a S&W M&P 45, but the pawn shop owner who owed me a favor didn’t have one so I got the 1911. In retrospect, I really like it and I’m glad he didn’t have what I wanted. But I do notice that every seventh or so clip; the last round hangs up in the chamber. I don’t know if this is common in all 1911s or if there is something I can do to prevent it.

I can’t decide if the 1911 is more complicated or more simple than the S&W M&P line. It took me a while to get comfortable breaking it down, but there are no little parts. In any case, my pistol of choice is the 1911. When I was a kid, my dad told me stories about the one he carried in the military. The link below is very good.


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George said...

It's probably dirty from firing the first 50-60 rounds that you fired before the "smokestack" malfunction.

I got a new 1911 several years ago, it was a built-up one, and it had issues because of the Parkerizing in the slide grooves.

At first, I couldn't get more than 3 clips out of it until it started to refuse to go into battery due to warming up. I kept changing lubricants, no fix.

Then I got out needle files and cleaned out the Parkerizing from the grooves, very exacting work. The weapon is tight, but batterys just fine now. In fact, I have fired over 100 rounds with it without stoppage, in a range session recently, using a variety of ammo, but mostly "green box" Remington Ball, which is known to shoot dirty.

Since the gun is new, you may be experiencing break-in issues with it, but you might also just have a dirty gun, with too close a tolerance to stand the dirt. That is why the Government has them less tight, so they could stand some dirt and keep firing.