Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have been banished from a web-site endorsed by James Carville, Paul Krugman, Bill Clinton, and the Washington Post. The image of the person who zapped me is above. I wrote this:

“Sarah wasn’t reading from a teleprompter, she was speaking. I don’t know if her teleprompter worked or not, but even if it did, it was a backup.

The problem I have with Obama is the dramatically different voice patterns when he is on the teleprompter and when he is not. That and when he is on the teleprompter, he is reading from it, not using it as a backup.

Shell thinks that they can make a profit from oil shale at $30/bbl. The pyrolysis process actually removes oil from rock, cleaning the land. The conspiracy-theory part of me believes that the oil companies like $100/bbl oil and are suppressing the technology.

Palin seems to be a person who would say bullshit to that. I judge that Barack, on the other hand, would be willing to take his cut. I really thought Palin was excellent.”

I notice that right-wing web sites tend to embrace controversy and left-wing web sites tend to silence it. I think that means that there is more truth on the right. I could beat up the guy who banished me, which is comforting.


George said...

What site was it? Inquiring minds want to know...

Bill said...

Hi George;

The Washington Monthly. I left them what I think was a pretty good departure under Steve Benen’s post ‘Uppity’.