Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Majority Minority

The government projects that whites will be the minority in 35 years.

"What it says is there are going to be more people who belong to minority groups looking for housing on Long Island. And basically that's going to create pressure to desegregate predominantly white areas. ... Can ethnic minority groups translate their greater numbers into greater political and legal power to challenge systemic discrimination in housing?"
-Gregory Maney, a Hofstra University sociology professor, said of the projections

I project that the government is wrong. Whichever government bureaucrat wrote this has limited situational awareness. Two events will define the next thirty years:

1. The collapse of the social welfare system.
2. The failure of our national energy policy.

These events will change our world and bring us from an era of surpluses to an era of shortages. Professor Maney blames segregated white areas on discrimination. That may be, but it is not based on skin color. It is discrimination based on IQ because smart people make more money, and are able to afford homes in more expensive neighborhoods.

If you believe the IQ tables, and I do because the government has stopped collecting IQ data, white averages come in at 102, Mexicans at 87, and blacks at 85. I was in the fancy part of the Hamptons earlier this year and there was a strong Jewish presence. Surprise surprise, the IQ tables put Jews at 114.

The other reality is that smart people make more money, and pay more taxes, than dumb people. Dumb people tend to be a burden on the State, and smart people tend to be an asset to the State. This is not saying all blacks and Mexicans are dumb. The tables indicate that 15% are smarter than the average white. But it is saying that a government with budget problems does not solve those budget problems by dumbing down the Citizenry.

Human evolution has everything to do with resources and competition. Competition has been eliminated from the equation for the last seventy-five years because of the flood of resources resulting from the use of the planet’s oil resources.

Those resources are going away. History also has everything to do with resources. So there will be a lot of history in the next thirty years.

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