Thursday, August 14, 2008


The poster above is from sixty-some years ago when America was a less nice, but more free place. America’s new idealism basically runs on the inertia generated by a bunch of smart Judeo-Christian work ethic guys working with abundant resources. These are the guys who came up with the above poster.

Russia never had a problem with idealism. Russia had a problem with money back when commodity prices were low. Commodity prices are now high, and will go higher. But Russia will not become idealistic.

Vladimir Putin is moving to nationalize grain exports. He is a very smart man.

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George said...

If Dr. Oleg Soroktin, Putin's chief Climatologist is correct, there won't be enough grain to go around in Russia, let alone export any. The good Dr. who BTW, does NOT support theories of "glow-bull warmenring" like many of his Western counterparts, says that the Steppes dry-land grain areas will have poor crops the next couple of years.