Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Enemy

Life used to be more simple before airplanes and global corporations. People with differing DNA were grouped in geographic boundaries and competed with each other for resources. The reason that the University of Illinois can still call itself the Illini is because the Illini tribe’s DNA was eliminated by a rival tribe so there’s no one left to be offended. Ah, the good old days of Native America.

Then came oil. Resources for everybody! Millions of years of solar power jam-packed into little-tiny engines for one hundred and twenty-five years. Feeling insignificant? Send 29 cents a day and get a picture of a brown kid for your refrigerator.

Then went oil. Lots of very smart people, some well-meaning, have worked very hard to eliminate all enemies. Except for Osama Bin Laden, who is a bad guy. But he’ll be dead soon of kidney failure. So no more enemies some say.

I disagree and from time-to-time get angry with those who have worked to eliminate enemies. I believe that enemies, like God, are a part of us. We can walk away from the Church and go to an Al Gore rally, but it is really the same thing.

So is there an enemy? Is there a God? Is there an Al Gore? I say yes to all three. So where does one find them? I predict that, when the time comes, and this has everything to do with resources, like it always has, you will not need to find them. They will make themselves known.

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