Thursday, June 5, 2008

Book Review: The Caine Mutiny

Excellent. I’ve read it twice and got more out of it the second time. I broke into it a third time, in an attempt to defend President Bush. My goal was to compare him with Captain Queeg; a limited man holding a thankless leadership position in a time of peace.

Wouk gives President Bush no quarter however.

Of course, we figured in those days, only fools go into the armed service. Bad pay, no millionaire future, and you can't call your mind or body your own…So when all hell broke loose and the Germans started running out of soap…who's gonna stop them? Not …Barney. Can't stop a Nazi with a lawbook… Meantime…who was keeping mama out of the soap dish? Captain Queeg.

The military then is politics now. The fatal flaw in the American system will be seen to be that our leaders are no longer primarily paid by us. Captain Queeq was paid by us and did his best. Captain Queeg deserved the respect that Greenwald gave him. I do not feel that same respect for my President.

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