Monday, April 14, 2008

Six Shooters

I went to a prole school. But after that prole school, I went through a very challenging program where graduates of prole schools competed with graduates of military academies as well as fancy schools. An interesting note: the guys from the military academies had the lowest aggregate grade point average, but they also had the lowest failure rate. I attribute this to the standardized discipline that comes with years of drill.

Anyway, we had one guy from Harvard in the class and he failed out early. When you failed out of this place, they purposely made it embarrassing for the student. You had to pack up your desk in the presence of the class and walk out the door. Most guys would empty their desks in silence and say something like ‘good luck’ on the way out.

The Harvard guy wouldn’t shut up. We got to hear about how stupid the program was and how the teachers were dumb and how he was glad to be leaving. He stomped out and slammed the door.

I judge that his arrogance is similar to Obama’s. The lack of discipline that led Barack to smoke into his 40s is the same lack of discipline that led to his revealing comments in San Francisco. There will be more of these comments and the free ride is over.

You don’t go duck hunting with a six-shooter. If the Maine caucuses were held again today, Obama would lose.

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