Sunday, April 13, 2008


Kids are great and productive people should be encouraged to have many of them. One thing that I notice is the innate fear of strangers that has been ‘bred into’ kids. This behavior is the result of millions of years of evolution where through countless societies and environments, trusting children were removed from the gene pool. The kid on the right does not seem to be nearly as excited about this picture as the photographer probably was.

In this sense, infants are more intelligent than most modern-day Ivy League graduates.

The nature of evolution has fundamentally changed with the advent of modern medicine. Poor women in India are renting out their wombs for embryos of wealthy Europeans and Americans. The fee is $5,000 and the business is growing. It is completely consistent with human behavior that this practice will be adopted by some state in our generation.

Odds are that Russia will be first. Perhaps South Africa after the collapse of the West. I’ll put a side bet on some religious group that relocates to a tropical country. Societies that adopt this practice will outperform those who don’t and prevail in the game of life. Future generations of enslaved women will be used to breed desirable Citizens. It’s not pretty, but neither are we.

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