Monday, February 11, 2008

“US Population will soar to 438 million by 2050, Hispanic population will triple” –USA Today

No it won’t.

Hispanic societies, when left alone, create economies that pay wages of $3/day in the international marketplace. We have been able to absorb our current underclasses because there is a certain percentage of jobs in our economy that can be done by low-skilled workers.

The employers get a higher profit margin by using immigrant labor, and the taxpayer picks up the bill for the worker’s needs. The typical high school dropout household costs the government $25,000 each year in school, health, food, etc., etc. The budget math has already stopped working and the government will be unable to borrow money within a decade.

Our Country will fundamentally change when this government goes broke. I believe that the Goldman-Sachs Globalist types are trying to engineer a tightly-held oligarchy, similar to the Central American model, that would emerge in the aftermath of the collapse. I also believe that these people are out-thinking themselves.

The combination of the Founding Fathers' legacy, 280 million firearms in the hands of private Citizens, and the inherent conservative nature of the military and police services will likely turn the power over to a group that restricts voter eligibility through means testing. This was how the Founding Fathers prevented most dumb, irresponsible, or lazy people from having a say in governance.

Regardless of who takes the reigns, neither form of government will want a surplus underclass. America-2050 will be exporting Malthusianesque populations like Mexico is doing today, not importing them.

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